Equipment & Uniforms


Uniform pants/shorts, jersey, socks, hats, etc are all player and/or team responsibility. Ask your coach what the player pays for and what the teams plays for. 

E LEAGUE ONLY: Shirts are provided by DGIL.

Cleats Not required at any level. No steel/metal spikes are allowed.
Batting Helmets

A + B + C - Helmet with face guard and chin strap are mandatory. DGIL does not provide.

D + E - Helmet with chin strap required. Face guard is optional. DGIL does not provide.

Any player on deck, batting or running bases must adhere to these rules at all times.

Glove Player responsibility
Infield Masks

A + B + C - Required for any player playing infield. Umpire to stop play until they are worn or player is removed from the position.

D + E = Not required but strongly encouraged.

Catcher's Equipment

A + B + C - Team or player responsilibity.

D - DGIL provides.

E - None (no player in catcher position)


A + B + C - Not used for games.

D + E - DGIL provides.


No baseball bats allowed. DGIL does not provide. All bats must have the 200, 2004 or 2013 Certification Mark. More information on certified bats can be found here.


Age 5-7 8-9 10 11-12 13-14
Length 24-26" 26-28" 28-29" 30-31" 31-32"
Age 8 & Under 8-14      
Drop -12 to -14 -12 to -10      



DGIL provides game balls for A, B, and C. 

A + B - Optic 12" yellow softball

C - 11" yellow softball (NOT a Softie)

D + E - 11" yellow Softie softball

Scorebook A + B + C - Each team is responsible for keeping track in a scorebook. If a team is caught batting out of order, it is an automatic out.