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Welcome to DGIL!

Contact: or call/text 563-451-7289

2020 Summer League Update 4-28-2020

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your patience as we waited for more direction from the governor and developed a plan for Summer League. We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy. (And even tossing the ball around in the backyard!)

Yesterday, the governor loosened some restrictions for the majority of counties in Iowa, unfortunately, Dubuque is not one of those. The proclamation yesterday also included the following line: "...recreational, leisure, and sporting gatherings and events of more than 10 people shall continue to be prohibited at all locations and venues...until May 15, 2020."

Currently, we are hoping that group restrictions are lifted by May 31 but it would need to be lifted beyond 50 people. With most teams having 12 players, plus their guests, coaches, and DGIL on-site staff, a group of 50 would be probably two teams. There are also many restrictions regarding common seating areas and playgrounds that we would need to address plus other health concerns, such as shared catcher's gear.

Current Plan: Based on group restrictions lifted May 31

  • Practices will be the first two weeks in June.
  • Games will begin on June 15 and the final week will be July 27.
  • Tournament for A, B, C, D will remain on July 18 & 19.
  • No partial refunds will be offered for the reduced number of weeks, but we will be waiving the daily gate fee. (Any admission punch cards bought online during registration will be refunded.)
  • Concessions would open with a limited selection of only drinks and prepackaged foods, such as candy and chips.
  • Coaches, if you have not ordered jerseys, please wait. We do not want additional expenses incurred by parents if we end up not being able to have a season. We are completely fine with t-shirts, old jerseys - whatever would need to be done for this year.

Back-Up Plan: Based on group restrictions lasting past May 31

  • Summer League will be canceled and everyone refunded their full amount.
  • If possible and when allowed, we will look at opportunities to get playing time in such as casual pick-up games and fall weekday recreation league. 

We will continue to monitor the governor's updates and as this is a fluid situation, we will make decisions as they affect our league and send out appropriate communication.

We understand that some people, even when restrictions are lifted, may not be comfortable being in a crowd of people. If that is the case and you would prefer we issue a refund as you would no longer be interested in playing regardless of the start date, please contact with your request by Friday, May 8.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through these unprecedented times.

DGIL Board of Directors


To our players' parents - 

We welcome you to the DGIL softball family! 

We always enjoy seeing the progress players make from week one to week 10. Many times for our own teams, we wish we had recorded their first practice so we can show the girls how much they have improved. While winning is great, we are more concerned with the girls working on their skills and techniques and having an enjoyable season. If they are not having fun, they are not going to want to continue to play.

At the end of the day, softball teaches more than just softball. As Jennie Finch said - "Softball has give me so much in life. It's taught me the kind of person I want to be." Being a team sport, it teaches communication, teamwork, respect, working hard, moving on from mistakes and more. As coaches and parents, we need to encourage the girls as we work with them on their skills. 

Our Board is here to help our teams - coaches and players - as much as we can. We work very hard to try to make decisions in the best interest of the league. We are always looking for fresh ideas to help the girls to have fun while continuing to develop. If you would like to be part of a committee, please contact one of us for further information.

-DGIL Board of Directors

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